Day 9 – Wind down and Ferry Home

Only four gliders plus the ASH26 self launcher were on the grid for a 300k task to finish the expedition.

Tom Holt took the ASH 26 for the sniffer flight but struggled to even stay up, the rest of the fleet launched after midday and also experienced unforecasted low heights. An in flight conference resulted in the abandonment of the task, everyone landing and derigging for the journey home.

Home field at Beverley was experiencing tug problems, so I loaded up PA25 BMF and departed at 15:15 wst, arriving safely at Beverley on flight plan one hour and thirty one minutes later.

The OLC statistics for the week were:

18,877 kms flown, 58 flights logged by 13 pilots.

We didn’t get any “day of days” weather, but we flew every day we were there and the weather on the coast was really bad due to a cut off low forming over Perth. So we had a lot of fun and we finished up with the same number of aircraft as we started out with, which is always a good result!

Congratulations to the pilots for keeping it safe and we had some great times together, that is what it is all about!

Blogger: John Welsh signing off.



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