Day 5 – Exciting Flying – Nearly too exciting! – John Welsh

RASP forecast only a small keyhole of flying in between thunderstorms. A 100km FAI triangle was set to try for another Australian record. Unfortunately on launching it was found that the last turnpoint of the task had a huge storm front sitting over it, so task abandoned.

I got a day off towing, Owen Jones very kindly let me fly his LS8-18 today – I bombed out first launch, but the second flight was interesting – nearly too interesting. Rode the storm front up to 9,000′ until it was 30k out bearing down on Southern Cross then scuttled back with the pack to tie down. Owen decided to derig and we were trying to close the lid on the Cobra when the dust storm hit, four guys holding the lid down until we secured it, could not see a thing. See photo of Owen below, what a dirty old man!

My flight details are on:

We’re not sure whether tomorrow will be flyable – watch this space!


1 thought on “Day 5 – Exciting Flying – Nearly too exciting! – John Welsh

  1. Thanks for directing me to the Blog I hope the rest of the time at SC makes the trip worth while and Tell Norm that Sue Ball Still is missing her old RV but I have told he it is in loving hands.

    Rob Moore

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