No-one is keen to go flying!

Noone is keen to go flying!

It might have to do with the fact that it was blowing a gale – 20 knots gusting 27; the thermals were still strong – Norm Bloch launched first and reported 8.1 knots average. He then contacted some thermal wave and climbed to 8,000′ where the wind was peaking at 50 knots well above the cloud tops. I was getting really thumped under 500′ on final with some nasty wind shear at 200′ as well, not the most pleasant days towing. I finished the day off with a retrieve 46 kms west for Ian Cook and only achieved 60 knots groundspeed on the outward leg. The flight back was quick! Some pilots wisely elected not to fly today.
Convivial barbecue tonight but pullover weather in December – where has summer gone?
Today’s flights can be viewed at:



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